Our Founder and Principal

“Keeping true to one’s roots and to never forget the purpose of providing an education.”

This principle has motivated Ms Wang Jie as an educator throughout the years. Driven by her passion for education, Wang Laoshi founded Wang Learning Centre in 2007 with the mission of establishing a strong Chinese language foundation in every student’s life-long (learning) journey.

Her attitude towards education has also shaped the centre’s core belief
– “Study Chinese, Yes We Can!”

"We aim to cultivate students’ interest and to build up their confidence in learning Chinese by providing a holistic curriculum and caring learning environment"

Our Teachers

Our teachers are mentors who inspire students to realize their potential in learning Chinese. Each teacher within the Wang Learning Centre teaching community brings with them their individual charisma and passion for teaching as well as a sense of dedication, duty and responsibility to bring to life our curriculum. Propelled by a genuine desire to see students succeed, our teachers go beyond the curriculum to broaden the minds of our students and enrich their general knowledge. These values embodied by our teachers in Wang Learning Centre defines the essence of a mentor.

Our Commitiment to Quality

We recruit our teaching staff through a stringent selection process comprising of both written assessment and interviews. For the successful applicants, there will an incubation period during which they will be put through a two-month long comprehensive training programme. This is followed by regular mentoring sessions with senior teachers. To further supplement their development, periodic guest lectures by seasoned industry professionals are also conducted.

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