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What is the number of people in a class?

We adopt the concept of small class teaching. The number of students, usually about 10 to 12 students in a class, will be determined according to the size of the classroom

Is there any homework? What should I do after class?

Basically, assignments are completed during classes. If the volume of work is too heavy for the week, the teacher will asign part of the multiple-choice questions as homework. Composition and comprehension will be completed during the class. After marking, the teacher will explain the worksheet to the class in the following week. At home, the student should revise the oral notes, learn spellings and dictation, and do correction for the previous worksheet.

What classes do Wang Learning Centre teach?

Wang Learning Centre is an extra-curricular language education centre in Singapore, catering to students from Kindergarten 1 to Secondary 4. Wang Learning Centre provides a lively, interactive, and fun learning atmosphere to students. The students also experience individual attention tailored to their specific needs. Wang Learning Centre tries its best to encourage every student: “Study Chinese, Yes We Can!”

What classes do Wang Learning Centre teach?

What classes do Wang Learning Centre teach?

How long has Wang Learning Centre been established?

Established at the end of 2007, Wang Learning Centre has operated over ten years and grown to 6 outlets island wide.

Are the classes taught in Wang Learning Centre according to MOE guidelines?

Registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE), the centre has developed a systematic and challenging curriculum for teaching the Chinese language. The curriculum is continuously updated to follow the MOE syllabus. Our Primary 1 to Primary 4 classes follow the Higher Chinese curriculum, but also include material from Normal Chinese curriculum. The Primary 5 to Secondary 4 curriculum is divided into Higher Chinese and Normal Chinese classes.

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