Holiday Programme

Period: June and Dec Lesson
Duration: 2 - 3 hrs (5/10/15 lessons)
Class Size: 12 students

Riddles, tongue twisters, jokes and songs will be part of the teaching process to liven up the classroom atmosphere, evoking students’ interest in the language and helping them to better consolidate their learning. Apart from the fun, this course also covers a wide range of essential segments including idioms, comprehension, oral practice, composition. Students also get to learn more about the various Chinese cultures and traditions though interactive and hands-on activities.

Exam Preparation Programmes

Period: PSLE and O Level
Duration: 2 - 3 hrs

These courses have been meticulously designed to better prepare our students for their upcoming major examinations, namely the PSLE and O Level. Students are exposed to high volume of practices in topics such as oral, composition and comprehension. These practices serve as the final sprint for the students and also to get them to be more confident and comfortable with concept of examinations.

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