One-stop Comprehensive Intensive Course

Course Code: P+CC
Lesson Duration: 3 hrs
Class Size: 12 students

Our most popular course, this course covers all the required aspects of Chinese language learning – reading and comprehension, speaking, listening, and essay-writing. Students undergo an extensive learning process supported by rich course materials that caters to the various needs of students.

Through the rigorous curriculum, students are provided with the necessary tools to engage in creative thinking as well as cultivate their analytical skills. Interactive teaching and guided brainstorming sessions also train students to think independently and express their own opinions

Chinese Language Knowledge and Reading Comprehension Course

Course Code: P
Lesson Duration: 2 hrs
Class Size: 12 students

This course expands on the content found within the Primary School Chinese Textbook (Paper 2). Through short text fill-in-the-blanks, dialogue completion, and practical exercises on reading and comprehension, this course provides students with an intensive training to improve their reading and comprehension skills in preparations for examinations.

The course also comes with supplementary materials to increase the students’ vocabulary. By working through the content, students will cultivate their confidence and ability in understanding and solving various issues pertaining to the Chinese language. Beyond helping students obtain a better grade in examinations, the students will also learn to be more flexible in applying their knowledge of the Chinese language.

Speaking, Listening, Essay Writing and Idioms Course

Course Code: CC
Lesson Duration: 2 hrs
Class Size: 12 students

This course focusses on developing the student’s speaking, listening and essay writing ability, with an additional component on reading comprehension (MCQ) supporting the student’s overall development.

Teaching materials have been meticulously designed, with writing and dialogue practices aimed at improving the student’s command of the Chinese language. Students are also encouraged to memorise useful words and sentences, with the intention of applying them in various context. Coupled with a framework-based teaching model of intensive essay writing, the students will learn to express themselves better, ensuring that they will not run out of writing content and ideas.

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